Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trust your own palate!

And don't mess with Dr. Vino!

This may be the first time Robert Parker has been confronted and responded ultimately with nothing to say other than you already don't like us!

This is good for all parties involved particularly the trusting score whores.

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  1. Holy sh!t. It seems that TWA is Dr. Vino's bitch. Why so sensitive Bob and Jay (sounds like a morning show)? Only reason I can come up with is that Dr. Vino nailed them. But at least they read the book, right?

    One question: what do you think would happen if the rating system did die? Don't you think that it has helped raise awareness of wine and sell more wine in general? Or do you think it's just been a detriment. It certainly has it's drawbacks, but do you think it has its merits as well?

    Love the pic of the "trusting score whore."