Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite random wine questions from Shafer Vineyards Line On Wine

1) Who was the first person to graft French vines onto American rootstock to prevent phylloxera? Answer: Texas viticulturist T.V. Munson July 01

2) The Spanish province of Catalonia has outlawed what for its wines? Answer: Screw caps and artificial closures

3) The Italian Sommelier Association bestowed the title of honorary sommelier on which major religious figure? Answer: Pope Benedict XVI

4) The most widely planted grape variety in Bordeaux is what? Answer: Merlot

5) The cause of cork taint (a chemical known as TCA), was first identified in what year? Answer: 1981, by Swiss researcher Hans Tanner

6) Priced up to $800,000 per acre, the world's most expensive vineyard lard is located in what region? Answer: Bordeaux

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